Brand redesign for the Japanese American Citizens League.

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Brand redesign for the Japanese American Citizens League.


Visual Designer




Graphic Design, Brand Design


Adobe Illustrator

Problem Statement

How might we refresh the look and feel of the brand to improve recognition and represent the vibrant culture of the Japanese American community?

Solution Preview

User Research



Pave the way for clear client communication.

Oftentimes, miscommunication or missing information can occur during client meetings. Preparing a detailed list of questions helped the client and I figure out their vision together and even led to more breakthroughs and insights on the project.

Iteration is key.

By racking my brain to create as many variations as possible, my client was able to easily point out which ones they liked and which ones they wanted to combine. This allowed the design process to go very smoothly, and I was able to create a final deliverable that perfectly aligned with the client's vision.

Don't be afraid to push back.

While following the client's decisions is important, it is just as important to vocalize your design expertise and push back on decisions that you disagree with. Providing your thought process and clearly explaining your decision can often help clients understand and accept your insight, then arrive at a middle ground.