Adobe x createSC Third Place Winner

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Adobe x createSC Third Place Winner


Product Designer




Product Design, UX Research


Adobe XD

Problem Statement

The pandemic has fundamentally altered how we engage in social interactions. As we near the post-COVID era, how might we continue to share music experiences, discover new genres, and meet others who share our music taste in a safe yet interactive way?

Solution Preview

User Research



1. Brainstorming paves the way for success.

My teammates and I spent more than half of the competition time discussing potential solutions, conducting user research, and planning each screen before beginning the wireframing process, which allowed us to easily execute our ideas in the end.

2. Be confident in yourself and your ideas.

During our design critique session, we were told that our app concept has no real-world use. Rather than scrapping our idea, we created and administered a survey to see if people would be interested in using such an app. We ended up receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, which gave us the assurance we needed to continue on. We ended up becoming finalists and created a concept that was unique amongst several app designs that were similar to each other. This gave me the courage to have more confidence in myself and my design decisions.